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The Future of Text V

(forthcoming 2024) To develop richer views of what lies beyond our current understanding of the potential for text.

Going Beyond Current Understanding

Imagine our understanding expressed as a sphere–like the one below–where everything outside the circle is beyond our current understanding. The circumference of the sphere is the extent to which we have access to the fact that there is more to understand:

What is interesting is that as the size of the circle of our understanding grows, so does the circumference–making the boundary between what we understand and what was previously beyond our understanding larger:

The circumference indicates the size of our increasing understanding of what lies beyond our understanding.

This visually illustrates what Albert Einsteins meant by “The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don’t know.”


As we are based around a research lab and a wider research and intellectual community, we therefore seek to increase our understanding of the potentials for the future of text and to increase the size of the boundary of what we understand what lies beyond our understanding, not just our understanding in itself. This can only come from deep dialog with in a widely inclusive community and through experiments to experience different ways to interact with knowledge transmitted in textual form.

Note: I do not know where I first came across this way of looking at it and I cannot find the source online. If you know who came up with this clever visualisation, please let me know so I can credit correctly.

Reader Software

As always, volume V will be released as a standard PDF which is compatible with any PDF viewer. However, if you are on macOS, please consider viewing the book with our free software ‘Reader’, the software designed with a focus on this series of books:

Student Competition

We are planning a Student Competition for 2024. Details to follow, but here is the current draft page.


If you have any questions email the editor Frode Alexander Hegland : This is a passion project and I’m passionate about improving the book where possible.


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