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Adam Cheyer Co-Founder of Siri and Viv LabsInterpretable and Executable Text
Adam KampffNeuroscientist at the Sainsbury-Wellcome Centre and Founder of Voight-KampffThe Brain’s Past Will Define Text’s Future
Alan KayOne of the earliest Pioneers of object-oriented programming, personal computing, graphical user interfaces (inventor of the overlapping window and icon “Parc GUI”), and computing for childrenSomething about The Future Of Text
Alessio AntoniniResearch Associate at Knowledge Media Institute, The Open UniversityThe future is text: the universal interface
Alex HolcombeSchool of Psychology, Faculty of Science, The University of SydneyCombining the writings of researchers, in their millions
Amaranth BorsukPoet, Scholar, and Book Artist, Associate Professor, University of Washington, Bothell, and Author of The BookEmbodying Text
Amira HanafiWriter and ArtistText for an opaque future
Amos Paul Kennedy JrArtist PrinterFuture (POSTER)
Anastasia SalterAssociate Professor, University of Central Florida. Author of Jane Jensen. Co-author of A Portrait of the Auteur as Fanboy, Adventure Games(un)proprietary texts
Andries (Andy) van DamCo-founder of Brown University’s CS department and its first chairman, Brown’s first VP of Research, Co-designer of Hypertext Editing System and many hypermedia systems, Co-author of Fundamentals of Interactive Computer Graphics and of Computer Graphics: Principles and PracticeThoughts On The Present and Future of Text
Andy Matuschak & Michael NielsenSoftware Engineer, Designer and Researcher. Quantum computing and modern open science movement PioneerTimeful texts
Ann Bessemans & María Pérez MenaProfessor and post doctoral researcher at PXL-MAD School of Arts / Hasselt University, research group READSEARCH. Typography and type design teachers BA graphic design and MA Reading Type and TypographyNew Reasons to Design Type
Anne-Laure Le Cunff Founder of Ness LabsTextual Maps
Anthon P. BothaDirector of TechnoScene LtdThe Future Of Text. A Mind-Time Journey
Azlen ElzaDesigner, researcher and software experimentalistThe Architecture of Writing
Barbara BeetonEditor of TUGboat (TeX Users Group), retired from the American Mathematical SocietyThe future of technical text
Belinda BarnetSwinburne University, author of Memory Machines: The Evolution of HypertextThere Must Be a Different Way to Pay
Ben ShneidermanProfessor, author and Human Computer Interaction pioneer, University of MarylandText Goes Visual, Interactive and Social: The Dynamism of the Screen
Bernard VatantFormer consultant at Mondeca and Linked Data EvangelistQuantum Mechanics applied to Text
Bob FrankstonCo-creator of VisiCalc, the first spreadsheet for personal computersText Is The Future
Bob HornSenior Researcher, Human Science and Technology Advanced Research Institute (H-STAR) Stanford University and Fellow, World Academy of Art and ScienceExplanation, Reporting, Argumentation, Visual-Verbal and The Future of Text
Bob SteinFounder of Criterion, Voyager and the Institute for the Future of the BookA Unified Field Theory Of Publishing In The Networked Era
Catherine C. MarshallTexas A&M University and Hypertext developerA Meditation on Ephemeral Text
Charles BernsteinPoet, essayist, editor, and literary ScholarImmmemmorabillity Alll Ôvęr Agon
Chris GebhardtSoftware engineer and researcher, The InfoCentral ProjectDecentralizing Text in a Global Information Graph
Chris MessinaHashtag inventor, product designer, technologistThe Linguistic Inner Tube
Christian BökAssociate Professor, Charles Darwin UniversityStatement About Books
Christopher GutteridgeUniversity of Southampton and Developer of academic repositoriesLinear time – Linear text
Claus AtzenbeckHof University & General Co-Chair of the 2019 ACM Conference on Hypertext & Social MediaThe Future of Text is Fragmented
Dame Wendy HallRegius Professor of Computer Science, University of SouthamptonThe Future Is Fake
Daniel M. RussellSenior Research Scientist for Search Quality and User Happiness at GoogleThe future of texts is relationships
Danila MedvedevLeading Russian futurologist and architect of NeyroKodLanguage 2.0
Danny SnelsonAssistant Professor of English, UCLA, Editor, Archivist and Author of EXE TXTRolling Millenia: Searching for The Ground Itself 2.0
Dave KingFounder of Exaptive Inc.Future of Text Book
Dave WinerOn the net since mid-70s. Started two Silicon Valley companies. Wrote for Wired. Fellow at Harvard and NYU. Founder of podcasting, blogging, RSS and Open Web.The Future of Text
Daveed BenjaminCEO Author of first-of-its-kind augmented reality book, Pacha’s Pajamas: A Story Written By Nature that features Mos Def, Talib Kweli, and Cheech MarinUbiquitous Context
David De RoureProfessor of e-Research, Oxford e-Research CentreQui ex Machina (dialog with AI)
David G. LebowCEO & Chief Learning Scientist at HyLighter LLCThe Future of Earth is Bound to the Future of Text
David JablonowskiArtistThe Census of Bethlehem
David JohnsonCo-author of Law and Borders, The Rise of Law in CyberspaceInference Arrows: Dynamically Entailed Text
David M. DurantAssociate Professor/Federal Documents and Social Sciences Librarian, and author of Reading in a Digital AgeThe Multi-Format Future of Text
David MillardUniversity of SouthamptonHere are the Hypertexts
David Owen NorrisHead of Classical Performance, Professor of Music University of SouthamptonSymbol & Gesture
David PriceDebateGraph Co-FounderWordWorldWhirled
David WeinbergerAuthor of Everyday Chaos, Too Big To Know, Everything is Miscellaneous, Small Pieces Loosely Joined and Co-Author of The Cluetrain ManifestoPunctuation as Meaning
Dene GrigarProfessor and Director, The Creative Media & Digital Culture Program; the Electronic Literature Lab; Washington State University VancouverThe Future of Text May Require Preserving Text
Denise Schmandt-BesseratProfessor Emerita of Art and Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Texas at Austin and author of How Writing Came AboutFrom Tokens
Derek BeaulieuDirector, Literary Arts, Banff Centre for Arts and CreativityIf You Don’t Share You Don’t Exist
Doc SearlsEditor-in-Chief of Linux Journal, Author of The Intention Economy & Co-Author of The Cluetrain ManifestoThe Future of Text
Don NormanEngineer, Scientist, Designer, and Author of The Design of Everyday Things and Things That Make Us SmartOld technologies seldom die
Douglas CrockfordJSON InventorThe Future of Text
Duke visual vocal actionable text#TEXT2030
Ed LeahyFormer advertising creative on Madison Avenue, Professor of Advertising, Syracuse UniversityEvolution and the Future of Text
Elaine TreharneStanford University Text TechnologiesThe Future Of Text
Élika OrtegaDepartment of Spanish and Portuguese, University of Colorado BoulderPrint-Digital Literary Works
Esther DysonExecutive founder, Way to WellvilleA Few Words About Words
Esther WojcickiCEO, Founder of Palo Alto High Journalism, Creative Commons Advisory Council and Author of How to Raise Successful PeopleText
Ewan ClaytonCalligrapher, Teacher and AuthorFive Thousand Years
Fiona RossTypographic consultant and Professor in Type Design, University of ReadingFuture Of Text
Fred Benenson & Tyler ShoemakerData enthusiast, Artist, and Creator of Emoji Dick. PhD Student, University of California, Santa BarbaraA Font of Fonts
Frode HeglandDeveloper of Author, Reader and Liquid, and Host of the Future of Text SymposiumLiquid Author(ship) & Reader(ship)
Galfromdownunderaka Lynette Chiang, Author of The Handsomest Man in CubaMetalude
Garrett StewartJames O. Freedman Professor of Letters, University of Iowa, and Author of The Look of Reading: Book, Painting, TextFu/text/ure
Gyuri LajosTrailMarks FounderThe Future Of Text Is In Our Past
Harold ThimblebySee Change Digital Health Fellow at Swansea University and Author of Press OnIntentionally Parallel Text
Howard OakleyMac Developer and Technical WriterRicher Text
Howard RheingoldEducator and author of Net Smart & Tools for Thought: The History and Future of Mind-expanding TechnologyLanguage As Trance
Ian CookeContemporary British Collections, The British LibraryFuture Of Text In Libraries: A National Library Perspective
Iian NeillJohannes Gutenberg-Universität MainzCodex Futura
Ismail SerageldinFounder & Director Emeritus, Library of AlexandriaPOSTSCRIPT
Jack ParkTopicQuests Foundation, co-founderOn Well-Connected Human Thoughts
Jakob Voß Information Scientist and Software DeveloperDocument Models
James BakerSenior Lecturer in Digital History and Archives at the University of SussexMass Observing Fears For The Future Of Text
James BlusteinAssociate Prof. of Computer Science & Information Management at Dalhousie University, CanadaText as Process
James O’SullivanLecturer in digital humanities at University College Cork. Author of Towards a Digital Poetics. jamesosullivan.orgText Is Dead, Long Live Text!
Jane Yellowlees DouglasAuthor of pioneering hypertext fiction, including I Have Said Nothing, one of the first published works of hypertext fiction.Digital Text ≠ Skim Reading
Jay David BolterWesley Chair in New Media, Georgia Tech and author of The Digital Plenitude: The Decline of Elite Culture and the Rise of New MediaLiterature And Books In A Digital World
Jeremy HelmCommunication Advocate, Systems Engineer and California Bay Area Organizer of 2020orBust.orgTrue Hypertext & a mechanism for wisdom in the age of machine learning: Solving humanity’s original & persisting ‘values alignment problem’ by inverting the filter bubble
Jesse GrosjeanDeveloper of WriteRoom and TaskPaper at HogBay SoftwareFuture of Text
Jessica RubartProfessor of business information systems, OWL University of Applied Sciences and ArtsThe Future Of Text
Joe CorneliResearcher working at the intersection of collective and artificial intelligenceYou’re Making Me Tense. Notes On Text And Futurity
Joel SwansonArtist and Assistant Professor, ATLAS Institute, University of Colorado, BoulderPlay With Your Food
Johanna DruckerBreslauer Professor of Bibliographical Studies, UCLA and Author of The Visible Word & Diagrammatic Writing[THIS TEXT IS SUBJECT TO EXEMPTION 508.6c under the LINGUISTIC STATUTES VI.33 of the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT COMMITTEE on DISCOURSE]
Johannah RodgersIndependent Artist, Scholar, Author of Technology: A Reader for Writers, former Associate Professor and Founding Director First Year Writing @ City Tech, The City University of New YorkThe Future Of Text: More Questions Than Answers
John ArmstrongWriter & performance artistForward To The Past With The Emblem Book
John CayleyPoet, Programmatologist, Professor of Literary Arts at Brown University and author of GrammalepsyNo future, no future, no future for …
John-Paul DavidsonProducer, director and author of Planet WordThe Future Of Text
Joris J. van ZundertSenior Researcher and Developer in humanities computing, department of literary studies at the Huygens Institute for the History of The NetherlandsCode As Text
Judy MalloyElectronic Literature pioneer; Lecturer, School of the Art Institute of ChicagoThe Words Of The Creators
Kari Kraus & Matthew KirschenbaumCo-Directors, BookLab, University of MarylandSensorius Ink
Katie Baynes Aspiring AuthorWords that you can feel
Keith HoustonAuthor of The Book and Shady CharactersEmoji
Keith MartinSenior Lecturer, London College of Communication, writer and inventor of live word countBlame your tools
Ken PerlinProfessor of Computer Science, New York University and Director, NYU Future Reality LabWhen Text Will Be Everywhere
Kenny HemphillTechnology Journalist and Copy EditorA Recipe For A Healthy Future
Leigh NashPublisher at Invisible PublishingThe Way Forward Is Backward, And Then Forward Again, And Then —
Lesia Tkacz PhD Researcher at University of SouthamptonThe Quantum Physics of My Imagination, Language Technology, and a Future With Creative Text Generation
Leslie CarrUniversity of Southampton, Professor of Web Science???
Leslie LamportInventor of LaTeXLaTeX
Livia PolanyiLinguistic Discourse Theorist, NLP Researcher and PoetThe Future Of Text
Lori EmersonAssociate Professor and Director of the Media Archaeology Lab, University of Colorado Boulder“Insanely Great”
Luc Beaudoin & Daniel JompheAdjunct Professor of Cognitive Science & Education at Simon Fraser University, co-founder of CogSci Apps, owner operator of CogZest. Cognitive productivity enthusiastA manifesto for user and automation interfaces for hyperlinking: How hypertext can enhance cognitive productivity
Manuela GonzálezHandwriting for Branding ExpertDoes Handwriting Have A Future In The Digital World?
Marc CanterCEO of and co-founder of
Marc-Antoine ParentDeveloper of IdeaLoom and HyperKnowledgePerspectives And Overview
Mark AndersonUniversity of Southampton, PhD graduateAugmentation Of Text In The Post-Print Era: Casting Off The Drogue Of Paper Paradigms
Mark BakerAuthor of Every Page is Page One and Structured Writing: Rhetoric and ProcessThe Best Future for Text Requires a Change in Author’s Culture and Tooling
Mark BernsteinEastgate Systems, developer of hypertext software Tinderbox and StoryspaceThe Future Of Writing Lies…
Martin KempEmeritus Professor of the History of Art, Trinity College, Author of several books on Leonardo Da Vinci as well as VisualizationsAI And The Arts – Human Texts In The Future
Martin TiefenthalerBook and Graphic Designer, Teacher of Typography and Semiotics at ›die Graphische‹, Vienna/Austria; Co-Founder of tga (typographic society austria)tl;dr vs. ts;nec / [too long; didn’t read vs. too short; not enough content]
Maryanne WolfDirector, UCLA Center for Dyslexia, Diverse Learners, and Social Justice, Visiting Professor and author of Reader, Come Home: The Reading Brain in a Digital World and Proust and the SquidDeep Reading, Democracy, and the Future of Text
Matt MullenwegCo-founder of WordPressDigital Text Gave Us Radical Power. Agency and Dignity Should Be Next.
Michael JoyceHyperfiction pioneer, Theorist, and author of Remedia: A PicaresqueThe future of text as a two-level impurity lies in its past
Michael NutleyWriter and Editor specialising in online media and marketingThe future of text
Michele Canzi Strategist turned Tech operator. Essayist and Angel investorLakes, ponds, rivers and rains: history and future of text
Mike ZenderEditor, Visible Language. Professor, Myron E. Ullman Jr. School of Design, University of CincinnatiThe Future Of Text
Naomi S. BaronAmerican University, Author of ‘Words Onscreen: The Fate of Reading in a Digital World’Picture This: Could Emoji Replace Writing?
Nasser HussainSenior Lecturer, Leeds Beckett UniversityThe Future Of Text
Neil JefferiesHead of Innovation, Bodleian Digital Libraries, University of Oxford and Director, Data Futures CLGPaths Among The Stars – Reconstructing Narratives In A Distributed World
Nick MontfortPoet, Professor of Digital Media at MIT and Author of The FutureFree, Open Data And The Future Of Text Technologies
Niels Ole FinnemannProfessor Emeritus. Department for Communication, University of CopenhagenThe Future of Text in the Era of Networked Digital Media
Panda MeryProductive IrritantManipulation Of Words
Patrick LichtyAssistant Professor, Animation/Multimedia Design, College of Arts and Creative Enterprises, Zayed University, Abu DhabiThe Janus Complex: A Crisis of Futurism And Archival
Paul SmartPhilosopher and Author of Blade Runner 2049: A Philosophical ExplorationThe Story Of Our Lives: Human ‘Heptapods’ And The Gift Of Language
Peter ChoHead of Design at Pocket, Type Designer, Creative CoderHow might we express more with our type?
Peter FlynnPrincipal Consultant at Silmaril Consultants and former Head of Research and Academic Computing Support at UCCIn The Midst Of Nowhere
Peter JensenMoleskine Chief Brand & Innovation Officer with Melissa MorozzoThe Future of Text
Phil GoochFounder & CEO ScholarcyThe Future Of Scholarly Communication
Pip WillcoxHead of Research, The National Archives, UKIf I Cannot Inspire Love, I Will Cause Fear
Rafael NepôInformation Architect and Founder of Mee.ccEverything Begins With Text
Raine RevereDeveloper of EMText As Process
Richard A. CarterArtist and Lecturer in Digital Media, University of RoehamptonSignal Generators—Digital Text In A Damaged Ecology
Richard PriceHead, Contemporary British Collections, The British LibraryThe Future Of Text
Richard Saul WurmanAuthor of 90 books including Information Architects, Information Anxiety, Co-Author of Information Design and Creator of the TED conferenceDot
Rollo CarpenterArtificial Intelligence Developer of CleverbotThe Future Of Text
​​Sage Jenson & Kit KuksenokArtist focused on speculative biology and emotive simulation. Natural language processing Software Developer.Biological Ink: Extending The Scribe Through Digital Simulation
Sam BrookerAssistant Professor, Richmond University UKThe Future Of Text
Sarah WaltonAuthor and Digital ConsultantSoul Writing – The Value Of Writing From Your Intuition
Scott RettbergAmerican Digital Artist and Scholar of electronic literature based in Norway, co-founder of the Electronic Literature OrganizationFuture? Book?
Shane GibsonTechnologist and Political ScientistCombating Confirmation Bias: Defeating Disinformation Campaigns In The Future By Extending Information Security
Shuo YangUser experience designer at Google and Author of Google data visualization design guidanceHow would I design the future of text?
Simon Buckingham ShumDirector & Professor of Learning Informatics, Connected Intelligence Centre, University of Technology SydneyThe Future of Text in Three Moves
Sofie BeierAssociate Professor, Head of Centre for Visibility Design, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts (KADK)A Text That Reads You
Sonja KnechtCopywriter, Design Writer, Lecturer in Verbal/Visual Communications at Berlin University of the Arts and other institutionsText, Sex, Scheiße
Stephan KreutzerHypertext Systems ImplementerFuture Of Text
Stephanie StricklandPoet in print and digital media, author of How the Universe Is MadeFuture of Text
Stephen LeksonCurator of Archaeology, Jubilado, University of Colorado Museum of Natural HistoryText? Books?
Stevan HarnadEditor, Animal Sentience, Professor of Psychology, Université du Québec à Montréal, Adjunct Professor of Cognitive Science, McGill University and Emeritus Professor of Cognitive Science, University of SouthamptonThe PostGutenberg Galaxy: Eppur si muove
Steve NewcombConsultantThree Conjectures
Stuart MoulthropDistinguished Professor of English at the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee and Founding Board Member of the Electronic Literature Organization. Author of Victory Garden, Reagan Library and HegirascopeGenerated from
Ted NelsonVisionary, Interactive Media Pioneer and coiner of the term ‘hypertext’Hypertext Reflections
Teodora PetkovaPhD student at Sofia University and author of Brave New TextYou Say Digital, I Say Dialogue
Tiago ForteProductivity Expert and Creator of Building a Second BrainFuture Of Text
Tim IngoldProfessor Emeritus of Social Anthropology at the University of Aberdeen and Author of The Perception of the EnvironmentThe Pen Of The Future
Timothy DonaldsonAuthor of Shapes for Sounds, Typographer, Typeface Designer, Letterworker and hopeful Anthropogogic Dust Disturber at Falmouth UniversityFor The Future Of Orthography (I Prefer This Word To *Text*), I Want The Following:
Timur Schukin & Irina AntonovaPartners, NakedMinds Lab, RussiaExocortex
Todd A. CarpenterExecutive Director of the National Information Standards OrganizationThe Thoughts Between the Words: Capturing meaning between the characters of text
Tom StandageDeputy Editor of The Economist and Author of Writing on the WallAn Ai’s Views On The Future Of Text as told to Tom Standage, deputy editor, The Economist
Tor NørretrandersAuthor of The User Illusion and coiner of the term ‘exformation’The Future Of Context
Vinton G. CerfInternet Co-Inventor & PioneerINTRODUCTION
Ward CunninghamInventor of the WikiFuture Of Text
Zuzana HusárováPoetess, Electronic Literature Researcher, Assistant Professor of Literary Studies at the Comenius University in BratislavaTexts For Futures