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Article Guideline

This is a passion project which means that we all do this without pay but we do all still own our articles. Practically, the articles are about 1,000 words, some shorter, some longer, that is fine. The subject is entirely up to you, the only thing we ask is that it is an aspect of text you really care about.

The books are released as an interactive PDF for free download and available on Amazon.

You are requested to provide:

  • An article of around 1,000 words. Roughly
  • A Title (ideally not just your name or ‘The future of text’)
  • The contribution will be formatted without double line breaks to mark paragraphs, just indents for new paragraphs, which you may choose to have in your manuscript or not
  • Your brief bio stating how you want to present yourself, with organisation connections, if you like
  • References, if used, should be in [1] style in the body of the text and are entirely optional. Ideally you will use our own software, Author to write in, since that will massively help with formatting. Please notify the editor, Frode Hegland if you intend to do so, for a free download code
  • Images can be included but please consider the size addition this will add. Please provide the images separately as well as in the document and yes, high resolution please
  • Any links need to be written out, not embedded, so that they will also appear properly in print and work properly in PDF
  • The submission should be in Author or Microsoft Word document


  • Ideally, at least one Tag/Category for the topic. For example history, hypertext, transclusion, interaction or typography
  • A photograph of you would be appreciated

To submit of if you have any questions please email