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Student Competition Invitation


You are invited to join us in competition to be a part of Volume 5 of ‘The Future of Text‘.

Contributors to the first volumes include the inventors of hypertext, Siri, the hashtag, LaTeX, JSON, Wikis, WordPress as well as academics from leading universities and authors, artists, poets, historians, scientists and thinkers in diverse fields.

We invite you to write an article on your perspective of the future of text, submit it to us and you could end up featured alongside some of the most brilliant minds of our generation.

We ask you to imagine working with a headset, as is possible today, but with the headset of the future, the headset you will use when you grow up. Imagine the headset as being as light as glasses or perhaps as small as contact lenses and imagine the basic use will be using ‘passthrough’ video, meaning you can see the world around you as you use the headset, but you can also toggle into a mode where all you see is synthetic.

What can you do when your information can be covering your entire field of view? How do you want to exist in such a world?

And finally, how might text–the written word–one of the oldest and most transformative technologies humanity has invented, be viewed in this environment and how might you interact with it; what might you do with text when your imagination has been totally freed?

Frode Hegland,
Publishing Editor

Process & Prizes