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The Future of Text Journal is a monthly journal with articles from the community as well as transcripts from our monthly hosted Guest Speaker presentations at the Future Text Lab, which you should feel free to attend. Further information is available on the website:

At the end of the year the articles will be bound into future volumes of The Future of Text book.

The Journal is in PDF, with Visual-Meta, to provide rich interactions in a framed reading experience in a document format you can download and keep, without concern for future website issues. We have written a brief post about ‘Why PDF’ in case you wonder but please note we aim to increase the formats we deliver the Journal in over time. We currently also include a .liquid version and will supply as HTML as well.


.liquid manuscripts

For those who are particularly interested, especially for VR work, the documents are also available in their native .liquid format, which is what the macOS word processor ‘Author’ uses, which is what we used to create the Journal. The document format is a container with the following types of internal files, most of which contain standard JSON and other easily extractable data.

Once downloaded and un-zipped on a Mac, you can double click to open the documents in Author, or you can ctrl-click on them and choose ‘Show Package Contents’ which will show you the internal files.