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Future of Text

    ‘A 2020 Vision’

Open Access PDF & EPUB Editions

The Future of Text in PDF & EPUB formats are available to download for free (free as in beer, all rights are retained). The PDF edition is optimised for reading in the Augmented Text ‘Reader‘ macOS application but can also be read in any modern PDF viewer.


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Hard Copy & Kindle Editions

The Hard Copy & Kindle editions are available through the Amazon Print-On-Demand service and on Amazon Kindle. Please search Amazon for the book since this is better for the book’s rankings than following a link from here.


Any questions or issues with anything from a typo to other aspects, please email the editor Frode Hegland : This is a passion project and I’m passionate about improving the book where possible.


We encourage readers to share links to this page where anyone may download a complimentary copy of the PDF Edition. Note that we retain copyright to the file. If you wish to host or mirror it on another site, please let us know at

All articles are © Copyright of their respective authors. This collected work is © Copyright ‘Future Text Publishing’ and Frode Alexander Hegland.