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Celebrating ‘The Future of Text Vol I’


‘The Future of Text’ was released at the 9th annual Future of Text Symposium on the 20th November 2020.

The Opening Remarks are available in the blog and in video on YouTube, as is the final discussion. Zoom did not record the breakout room sessions but the 3 min videos we watched are linked to below, as they appeared in the programme and all the videos are part of the same playlist.

The text of our Google Doc from the day is available, as is the call for the Student Competition and the Press Release.


In conclusion, we agreed that some of us should meet during the Future of Text Open Office Hours on Monday’s and Fridays (same Zoom link, email if you would like to join us) and that we will spend the next few months trying to get the book into the right hands, then meet again around Easter 2020 with a view to discussing how to make the second edition even more inclusive, since its clear that a plurality of views is what we need to progress.

Theme : Letter to Future Contributors

The goal of the day is to create a “Letter to Future Contributors” with thoughts from what we have learnt on this journey producing the first edition, both as authors and as dialogue partners. This is to give future contributors inspiration and something further to think about. Please consider this when you see and discuss the video presentations, as described below:

Time & Place

Friday 20th of November, 2020. 9AM Pacific | 12PM Eastern US | 5PM UK time | 6PM Central Europe. The event will last 2 hours but we will host additional dialogue after that for those would like to stay a little longer.

Schedule & Format

  • Introduction by Vint Cerf
  • Editor Frode Hegland’s Welcome Remarks
  • Announcement of the Winner of the Student Competition
  • Book goes live for purchase in print from Amazon, on Kindle and as free download in PDF and EPUB
  • 3 min introduction to Augmented Text software developed for the book
  • 4 sessions of 3 min videos followed by breakout dialogue, as described below:


  • VIDEO PRESENTATIONS: We will watch three 3 minute video presentations by a few contributors the book, presented through Zoom.
  • BREAKOUT SESSIONS: 5 minute breakout session after watching the videos where we will chat about what we’ve just watched, share comments and ideas in THIS (ARCHIVED) GOOGLE DOC.
  • PLENARY UPDATE: 1 minute plenary re-share. One participant from each room will have 1 min to update the rest of the participants on their discussion with key new ideas, inspiration or provocations for our “Letter to Future Contributors”  

Playlists (for future reference, they will be played live in Zoom)

Crafting the letter to future contributors

  • After the presentations will have a dialogue to polish our “Letter to Future Contributors”   
  • Closing remarks 
  • Please note: The dialogue continues for those who are interested with Open Office Hours on the same Zoom channel, every Monday and Friday 5pm UK time, hosted by Frode Hegland

    Social Media

Thank you to everyone who tweeted about the event!


First week combined sales in Amazon Paperback, Kindle and downloaded PDF is almost 3,000.