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Journal .liquid

For those who are particularly interested in the Journal and need more than the PDF version, especially for VR work, the documents are also available in their native .liquid format, which is what the macOS word processor ‘Author‘ uses, which is what we used to create the Journal.

The document format is a container with the following types of internal files, most of which contain standard JSON and other easily extractable data.

Once downloaded and un-zipped on a Mac, you can double click to open the documents in Author, or you can ctrl-click on them and choose ‘Show Package Contents’ which will show you the internal files.

The documents are also available as HTML.

1.1.liquid Barbara Tversky 

1.2.liquid Jad Esber 

1.3.liquid Jamie Joyce 

1.4.liquid Andreea Ion Cojocaru 

1.5.liquid Omar Rizwan

1.6.liquid Bob Stein

1.7.liquid Yiliu Shen-Burke

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