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2022 Paper

For the 2022 Symposium the presenter must also submit a paper, along with any presentation they might want to make. Please note that it is possible to submit and paper and have it accepted without presenting on the day.


The topics are focused on VR (by ‘VR’ we also include ‘AR’) this year but not exclusively so. We will consider contributions around topics from AI/ML to typography for the book, though they may not be salient to the Symposium. We can discuss this.

  • Ownership in VR
  • Metadata in VR
  • Infrastructures for VR work
  • VR interactions
  • Philosophical perspectives of knowledge work in VR


  • Deadline to submit the paper is two weeks ahead of time, to allow for any edits, on the 13th of September. This paper does not need to have final polish and can be thought of as a poster
  • Paper will be distributed to all the attendees 1 week before the symposium, on the 20th of September, as a special issue of our Journal
  • All symposium attendees will have the opportunity to submit a comment on any paper or any aspect of the symposium within one month of the event, the 27th of October. Presenters may also submit a more polished version of their paper, should they so wish
  • The third volume of The Future of Text to be published by the end of the year


The paper must have:

  • A brief summary
  • A main section of the author’s chosen length
  • A conclusion of what effect the author would like the paper to have on the reader, whether this is to stir the reader into specific action or contemplation

The paper needs to be submitted in Author, Pages or Word formats. We prefer Author format since this is the writing software developed in concert with the symposium and is optimised for creating our Journal. You can find out more about it here and please feel free to get in touch for your free copy: Please have a look at previous issued of the Journal to get a feel for the style.

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