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Second Edition Launch Planning (25 Feb 2021)

Video Recording:

Chat transcript:

15:29:08 From Panda Mery (he/him) : Hello everyone!
15:29:13 From Frode Hegland : hello!
15:33:35 From Jack Park :
15:35:35 From Panda Mery (he/him) : And also ‘invisible’ cognitive accessibility needs.
15:37:19 From John Hockenberry : One of the goals of the future of text should be to minimize or eliminate “sense bias” in all digital communication. It benefits people with disabilities and is a virtue in an of itself.
15:37:28 From Dene Grigar : I agree, John
15:38:51 From Panda Mery (he/him) : Universal design +1
15:39:36 From Panda Mery (he/him) : Being able to write for no payment is a privilege.
15:39:42 From Frode Hegland : yes
15:41:09 From Panda Mery (he/him) : Frode, have you considered the format of the book? I.e., different people access text in different ways (such as me participating via the chat only)
15:41:27 From John Hockenberry : FOT = design of communication without being subject to physical parameters
15:42:24 From Esther Dyson : text = symbols
15:47:55 From Panda Mery (he/him) : The Future of (Fake) Text :-0
15:54:30 From Richard Carter : Just a standalone comment, outside of our current conversation, following what Frode just said – I did play with the idea of remodelling “The Future of Text” (or at least excerpts from it) as an artist’s book – it might not last forever, but I rather liked the idea of turning concepts within each piece into another expressive form (admittedly, my own interpretation would be at work here, but a project I know I’d enjoy!)
15:54:48 From Neil Jefferies : Peter Kazansky at Southampton should be able to get a copy written into fused silica. Estimated lifetime around 10^20 years.
15:56:35 From John Hockenberry To Frode Hegland(privately) : In some ways the book should address directly the resistance to the expanse of text as a story of how in our time there is an increasing resistance to interactivity in communication. Much more “texting” into an emotional space. The End of Text may be a possible title echoing Silent Spring
15:56:38 From Richard Carter : It’s interesting to think of ultra long-term preservation and how its ‘understood’, vis-à-vis studies of ancient human languages and the need to mark hazardous sites for potentially near geological timescales.
15:59:22 From Stephanie Strickland : quipu still somewhat understood poet Cecilia Vicuna has some understanding of them
15:59:24 From John Hockenberry To Frode Hegland(privately) : The frustration you have expressed is part of the story for the second book.
15:59:43 From Gyuri Lajos : DNA?
15:59:47 From Neil Jefferies : It is a classic bootstrap problem.
16:00:24 From Peter Flynn : I have students to deal with at 4pm so I must leave you to it. Great to see you all, and I can catch up on the recording. Stay safe!
16:01:09 From Peter Wasilko : Perhaps we should think about providing more context vis-a-vis the backgrounds of the contributors. What communities are we members of, what issues most motivate us, etc.
16:01:17 From Daveed Benjamin : 1000 years people will want to know the context of text. And they will need sophisticated ways of sorting through information to find the text that they want, perhaps based on the content of the text and the context Context is kind.
16:02:06 From Daveed Benjamin : Context is king
16:02:25 From Neil Jefferies : Agreed @Daveed
16:04:01 From Sonja Knecht : Agreed @Paul!
16:04:04 From Frode Hegland : Hi Dave
16:04:32 From David Millard To Frode Hegland(privately) : Hi Frode
16:04:41 From Frode Hegland To David Millard(privately) : Hi there
16:04:45 From Sonja Knecht : What Valentina said!
16:04:57 From Peter Wasilko : I can reach out to some researchers in the Computation & Law community.
16:06:20 From Panda Mery (he/him) : @Frode, re collaboration, you mat want to check the work of Jorn Bettin, here for example:
16:06:51 From Sonja Knecht : In my experience it works best like Valentina said: talk individually to one, two, three people you know and tell them why they should contribute.
16:07:10 From Harold Thimbleby : Suggestion: we need an ontology/mindmap/web… to explore and categorise the issues – there’s so much that’s interesting! – AND to prioritise its directions and exploration.
16:07:46 From Peter Wasilko : Excellent idea @Harold
16:10:47 From Esther Dyson : +1
16:11:28 From Joseph Corneli : and booksellers
16:12:14 From Sonja Knecht : So who has direct contacts to any (big) libraries or booksellers?
16:12:19 From Neil Jefferies : Text as an artefact of process
16:13:39 From Neil Jefferies : There are a few of us (library people) here
16:13:48 From Frode Hegland : Indeed Neil
16:13:51 From Joseph Corneli : with the Peeragogy Handbook we realised that a Reading Group was very helpful
16:14:16 From Esther Dyson : good! and Kepler’s (for example)
16:14:29 From Peter Wasilko : It would be nice to get the book onto the shelves at Barnes & Nobel or have them offer it as a promoted ebook.
16:14:35 From Esther Dyson : Esther, some of your students?
16:14:41 From Frode Hegland : Yes but very very ard…
16:15:45 From Sonja Knecht : How about libraries of universities? does the university (where you are located, Frode and Valentina) have a library?
16:16:04 From Frode Hegland : University of Southampton is where I am
16:16:26 From vint cerf : We need a Samuel Pepys of the Digital Age…
16:16:37 From vint cerf : To capture context
16:17:06 From vint cerf : I wonder whether NSF would find this a fundable project?
16:17:07 From Sonja Knecht : I know here in Berlin is the Humboldt University where you can study Bibliothekswissenschaften (translates “Librarian Studies” maybe). Is there something like that in the UK?
16:17:52 From Richard Carter : Not a point, just an affirmative comment – following on from Valentina’s earlier point, I know a number of poets/artists who might be intrigued in contributing, when it comes to enacting what text can be, and for different communities people, beyond paradigms of the ‘digital’, which was the root of Ingold’s critique.

I would be interested to do work with my students here: might be only a tiny number, but I’m sure some might have ideas.
16:18:06 From Neil Jefferies : The contents of the book are node in a broader knowledge graph. The book itself is a cluster in that graph.
16:18:48 From Harold Thimbleby : Yeh. the book would be a good way to start off populating the ontology/priority graph
16:18:54 From vint cerf : A “manifesto” explaining the objectives of the project would be useful as part of an Ambassador’s pack
16:19:27 From vint cerf : Esther Wojcicki would be a great ambassador to youth
16:19:36 From Esther Dyson : and john Hockenberry re the SPOKEN word. how does speaking/listening differ from writing/reading.
16:19:47 From Neil Jefferies : Sorry got to go – another meeting (on digital preservatio!)
16:19:53 From Stephanie Strickland : Completely agree need a much shorter intro essay/web/landing page to recruit with
16:19:57 From Esther Dyson : also, how does texting change language?
16:19:59 From Joseph Corneli : there is an Oxford University Press activity that works on gathering children’s essays
16:20:34 From Joseph Corneli : free publicity!
16:20:55 From vint cerf : Esther D – texting certainly literally has added to language expression
16:21:03 From David De Roure : “Sub committee” Now, is that 2 words? 🙂
16:22:06 From Joseph Corneli : yes, 2 person conversations between contributors would be good
16:22:18 From Joseph Corneli : including new contributors
16:23:12 From Joseph Corneli : need some semioticians to sort out what is text
16:23:55 From Joseph Corneli : nice 1
16:24:57 From Joseph Corneli : yes… but limits and how they can be overcome would be interesting!
16:25:43 From David De Roure : +1
16:25:54 From Gyuri Lajos : Write to think = Text and ConText
16:26:13 From Sonja Knecht : Sorry but no, John 🙂 or rather: this is one opinion.
16:26:14 From Christopher Gutteridge : suggested title: “text: U OK Hun?”
16:27:04 From Jack Park : BobHorn’s idea of “the limits of text” is a good one, IMHO
16:28:46 From Panda Mery (he/him) : It might not be about telling what people thing but of approaching people/voices who are missing from the book.
16:28:49 From Richard Carter : Perhaps not so much a question of what to think, but a point of response / departure
16:29:45 From vint cerf : Have to jump off to another call – took a lot of notes – to be continued
16:29:50 From David Millard : Can we structure after the event? E.g. loosely group contributions in particular sections based on what is submitted?
16:31:06 From Harold Thimbleby : Another thought on structure: the headings should be questions (an idea I stole from Nancy Kline….)
16:31:13 From Panda Mery (he/him) : We invite people we know which might not map exactly to the people we need.
16:31:15 From Dene Grigar : Curate the book
16:31:23 From David De Roure : Have to disappear….thanks Frode, everyone
16:31:31 From Frode Hegland : Later dave
16:31:59 From Gyuri Lajos :
16:32:32 From Jack Park : Does anyone know Tyson Yunkaporta, author of Sand Talk ?
16:33:58 From Esther Dyson : sorry, gotta go. looking forward to follow-up!
16:34:11 From Sonja Knecht : @Frode: I for my part can (and will) do two things: (1) ask individuals I know to contribute (for their specific knowledge and approach). (2) Think about possible sponsoring partners, libraries, contacts here in Berlin. No promise, but I’ll try. – Have to leave now, sorry! Bye everyone.
16:34:45 From John Hockenberry : Thanks so much for including me.
16:34:53 From Frode Hegland : Very welcome John
16:35:36 From David Millard : I have to head off as well – thanks all!
16:35:44 From Panda Mery (he/him) : Have to leave too. Bye everyone.
16:36:03 From Sonja Knecht : @Frode: I have to leave but YES, bi-monthly or quarterly meetings would be good and manageable for everyone I guess!
16:36:48 From Harold Thimbleby : fun meeting / I must be off too / fix a date for next meeting SOON please!
16:36:57 From Frode Hegland : bye
16:37:09 From Richard Carter : From a narrowly practical standpoint – I’d arrange some sort of meeting exchange, at points, with perhaps a reference doc to work from, and respond to
16:38:09 From Rafael Nepô : Also took a bunch of notes, will share with Frode later. 🙂

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