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Future Text Publishing

Welcome to the publishers of ‘The Future of Text’ annual series of books, quarterly Journal and annual Symposium, where brilliant minds from the arts, computing, politics, science and beyond have contributed articles. Feel free to have a look at the full list of contributors.

Annual Symposium

The publications form the record of our annual Future of Text Symposium, which has been running for over a decade.

Annual Books

The books are a collection of dreams for how we want text to evolve as well as a record of how we understand our current textual infrastructures. The aim is to inspire a powerfully rich future of text in a multitude of ways today, and for the work to still have value in a thousand years & beyond.

For 2023 we will focus on richly interactive text to augment thinking, particularly in education, including the early years, advanced education, and self learning, including knowledge exploration. This is whilst continuing our explorations into other aspects of text, both traditional and immersive.

Volume |
a 2020 vision

Volume ||
a second look

Volume |||
text in XR

Volume 4
richly interactive text

Quarterly Journal

Our Quarterly Journal features primarily transcripts of presentations to the Future Text Lab which are bound into the annual book series at the end of each year.

Journal Issues


The Future of Text Timeline, which is an appendix in the digital editions of the books, is available here as well.