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The Future of Text


Welcome to the publishers of ‘The Future of Text’ series of books and Journal. Contributors from the fields of the arts, computing, politics, science and beyond have contributed articles, giving this work a breadth not seen anywhere else.

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This is a collection of dreams for how we want text to evolve as well as how we understand our current textual infrastructures, how we view the history of writing, and much more. The aim is to inspire a powerfully rich future of text in a multitude of ways today, and for the work to still have value in a thousand years. And beyond. The first volume was published 2020 and the second volume in 2021, with annual editions planned, growing from the Journal from the third volume onwards.

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The of Future Journal was inaugurated 2022, featuring monthly articles which will be bound into future annual volumes of The Future of Text book series.



We also host an Annual Symposium which has been running for over a decade.



We run The Future Text Lab to discover how we can better work with text in VR/AR environments.

Future Text Lab

The Best Way to Predict the Future…

Alan Kay (who is a contributor to the book) famously said that the best way to predict the future is to invent it. This is why we are also producing authoring software and document reading software as The Augmented Text Company. This is also why we have developed the most robust way to encode rich metadata in a PDF, as we have done with the book, through what we call ‘Visual-Meta’.